We assist our clients in understanding the impact of relocation and how they can manage effectively in new operating environments. Our Project management services ensures the delivery of fully functioning, operational and confident teams into new neighbourhood

How We Work

Process – The Relocation Roadmap

Our Process for capturing all the information about your company and then rigorously working through all the different stages to ensure we deliver a seamless office re-location is shown below. We call this The Relocation Roadmap, because the process starts earlier than you think…

The diagram below shows you the process we have developed to ensure the seamless delivery of your project, with a continual interface between you and our team, through one management body

Move or Modify?

Establishing the drivers for change and your objectives

The Search

Finding the right location, space, and terms for your business

The Selection

Test, fit and develop architects brief and procure a professional team


Design, tender and construct. Understanding the new premises and how they work

Preparing to Move

New ways of working, training, and education

The Move

Managing the transition from one location to another, ensuring ‘Business as Usual’

Business as Usual

Managing independently with fully resourced operations

We will make sure that our client understands all stages of the process and how their organisation will need to be linked into the process.


When contract us for relocation

Physically moving you, and your family, without interrupting ‘family life as Usual’, must be undertaken with thorough planning. embeds a team within the organisation, which is dedicated to the planning effort. This planning effort permeates the entire family from top to bottom and side to side. Making effective use of our ‘relocation champions’ – selected individuals in the organisation who provide conduits for information about the new place, the method of the move, and the changes ahead – provide all members of family a consistent two-way channel of communication for feedback and queries.