Who We Are

In the UK, while estate agents work on behalf of vendors, traditionally buyers had no one to ‘fight their corner’, we are transforming the property buying process for buyers, our negotiation is on the behalf of our clients and with their best interest at heart, we look for the best deals theut would suit their needs and pockets
Whereas an estate agent will only show you the properties they themselves have for sale, will scour the whole market for suitable properties and provide exclusive access to homes which are not for sale.

Secondly, estate agents will want to paint the best possible picture of clients’ properties and may be tempted to arrange viewings for homes that do not meet your brief, we work exclusively for you, so we give an honest, unbiased opinion, and will only shortlist homes that fulfil all your specifications and if we cannot find anything which fulfils your brief, we persuade sellers on your behalf to sell and we will negotiate to ensure you pay the lowest price possible.

Here are ten reasons to use us as your buying agent: